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DSB Therapist Guidelines


1) Call our office 626-461-5950 to sign in when you are ready to take calls. Call the same

number to sign out. Your hours of availability are entirely up to you as long as you make

yourself available to take calls on a DAILY basis.


2) Keep a log of all your calls: Name of the client, call duration, date, time, as well as a brief

notes on what you and the client talked about.


3) When receiving therapy calls, we will contact you first to brief you on the client’s name and

his/her interests so you can be ready for the call, then we will connect you back on a 3-way

with us, you and the client to make sure that everybody is on the same line. After confirming,

we will hang up to leave you to the privacy of you and the client.


4) After client ends the call with you, call us back IMMEDIATELY to let us know how many

minutes the call lasted for.


Please don’t wait to call us back to inform us of the minutes.

The reason for this is that we will think you are still on the phone with the client and his/her

account will be charged accordingly if the call exceeds the amount of time for which it was

authorized. Thus, it is imperative that you call us back right away after the therapy session.

Please keep track of all your calls and minutes. The starting rate for all new therapists is $17/

hour, $25/hour after one month, and $35/hour after 6 months.


To better acquaint yourself with the other therapists (you might be requested to take a 2-way

call with a client and a fellow therapist) as well phone therapy topics you can visit our site at:

The Dr. Susan Block Institute


If you have any further questions, please feel free to call.

(626) 461-5950


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