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Dr. Susan Block

Institute Director Susan M Block, PhD

Institute Director Susan M Block, PhD

Dr. Suzy is the world’s preeminent telephone sex therapist, sexologist, sexuality talk show host and erotic hypnotist.  For more about Dr. Suzy, click here.

To speak with her privately, call (213) 291-9497



Hello, I’m Rachel. I’m a Sexy Milf with a Light Southern accent into BDSM, Mommy Fantasy, cuckolding, sissy training, foot fetish, age play

Available for phone therapy only.

For more info call: 626-461-5950


Coco 1

Hello, I’m Coco. I’m a Bubbly busty young black therapist.  Into BDSM,  Rape play, Race play, sissy training, submission, glory holes, anal play cuckolding, water sports, and foot fetish.

Call me today for phone sex therapy at 626-461-5950

For more info call: 213-291-9497

Mistress Gina

Mistress Gina 1

Hello, I’m Mistress Gina. I’m a naughty MILF who prefers domination. I enjoy BDSM, edging, teasing, and age play.

Available for phonesext and webcam therapy.

For more info call: 213-291-9497

Calypso Le Fay

Calypso 2

Calypso 1

Hello, I’m Calypso Le Fay. I’m a naughty witch and I switch between Domme and Submissive. I enjoy Crossdressing, BDSM, Cuckolding, and Guided masturbation.

Available for phonesext and webcam therapy.

For more info call: 213-291-9497


Nikki 1

Hello, I’m Nikki. I’m an open-minded and mature MILF, and a great listener. I love masturbation and playing with toys!

Available for webcam therapy only.

For more info call: 213-291-9497


Leila 1

Leila 2

Hello, I’m Leila. I’m a 6ft tall French hottie. I’ve been described as “hypersexual”, I can switch between Domme and Submissive, and I enjoy role play.

Available for webcam therapy only.

For more info call: 213-291-9497




Need to talk about role-play, fetish fantasies or taboos?

Available for phone, sext and webcam therapy.
Ready to talk? Call: 213.291.9497


I’m TARA… a naughty blonde temptress with blue eyes, 34D’s and a petite body, into Extreme Dirty Talk, Cock Worship, Hot Masturbation, Girlfriend Experience, Secret Affairs, Rough Sex, ALL TABOO, All Role-Plays, Forced Orgasms, Age-Play, Spanking, Daddy-lg, DD, Bondage, Domination, Cuckolding, HotWife, Swingers, Couples & every KINK you can imagine.

We can talk about anything together, without holding anything back. (Also available for Talk Therapy & SexLife Advice)

Call me today for phone sex therapy at 626-461-5950 to live out your deepest desires.


Hello, I’m Violet. I’m a sex counselor and educator who gets turned on by fulfilling your fantasies. I love to roleplay and am also great at talking through personal issues.

Call me today for phone sex therapy at 626-461-5950

For more info call: 213-291-9497


Hi, I’m Tilly, a Kinky Submissive Baby Voiced Sex Kitten into Spanking, Oral Worship, Teen Play, Panties, High Heels Role Play and Fantasy.
Will you be my daddy?

Call  me at (213) 291-9497 for phone sex therapy.


I’m Layla, a submissive cum dumpster slut with an insatiable need for cock.  Male supremacy gets me wet, and I get off on being objectified, humiliated, and degraded.  I’m a horny young girl into age play, BDSM, family play, dark fantasies, & daddy/daughter. I’m open to ALL fetishes and roleplays, nothing is too weird or kinky.
Call me at (213) 291-9497 & get off to my sweet sexy voice as we explore your wildest fantasies.



Greetings! I’m Marina, a Bulgarian sex kitten, nude model and musician that is very sensual and looking to explore sexuality.

Available for phone sex therapy and webcam at (213) 291-9497


Greetings, I’m Kyria, a Slavic Mistress from Poland and I love talking about fantasies and fetishes.
Need to talk about pegging, cuckolding, CBT, golden showers, role play or humiliation? Then let’s chat.
I’m also interested in discovering new fetishes. So what’s on your mind?
Available for phone sex therapy at (213) 291-9497

Erica Baby

“We can talk all night long.”

Erica is a mature woman, ready to talk with you about anything whether you have a fantasy, fetish or just need to talk with someone right now

Call 213.291.9497

[Erica Baby is also available for webcam sessions.]

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