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Gangbangs Introduction
GANGBANG Phone Sex Therapy

by Dr. Susan Block. Are you thinking about gangbangs? Do you ever fantasize about multiple men having sex with one woman? Do you imagine your wife, lover or favorite celebrity at the center of the action?  Would you want it to be with your friends or strangers? Have you ever participated in a gangbang? Would […]

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How to Spank & Get Spanked Your First Timeby Dr. Susan Block. 10 Steps to Receiving Your First Erotic Adult Spanking Make Sure You Want to Get Spanked Ask yourself: Am I getting spanked because I really want to, or is somebody talking me into it? It’s okay if someone you trust respectfully encourages you […]

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by Dr. Susan Block. It’s all about the orgasm. Well, maybe not all. There are other important aspects to good sex: sensuality, intimacy, humor, consent, creativity, openness, communication, love. But for many people, orgasm—yours and your lover(s)—tends to be the high point of a sexual experience. Orgasm might just be the peak of our very […]

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Celebrity Fantasies

Call Now by Dr. Susan Block. Do you have a secret crush on a sexy celebrity? You are not alone. Celebrity fantasizing is extremely common. Studies show that up to thirty-three percent of the human population fantasizes about famous people when masturbating. Sexual fantasies about well-known figures in film, music, politics, YouTube, fashion, sports or […]

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BODY SHAME & Other Body Image Issues

Call Now by Dr. Susan Block. A vital part of good sex involves feeling… well, sexy.  While some of that feeling is purely mental or spiritual, a large part of it is physical. That includes feeling attracted to your partner’s body, if you have a partner. And it means feeling good about your own body, […]

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8 Great Benefits of Masturbation

by Dr. Susan Block It’s Masturbation Month, a time to honor and extol the virtues of sex-for-one. Virtues? For centuries, masturbation has been denigrated as self-abuse. However, more and more, we are calling it what it is: self-pleasure. It feels good. And it is good. But what is it good for? A lot more than […]

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Bondage Phone Sex Therapy

Call Now by Susan M. Block, Ph.D. Freedom is the greatest aphrodisiac, but restraint is a close second. Do you like to be tied up by a Dominant Mistress or Master? Do you enjoy erotic bondage, handcuffs, shackles, ropes, collars, straightjackets, spreader bars, harnesses or four of “Christian’s” grey silk ties fastened securely around your […]

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Premature Ejaculation Combat Tips Techniques

Call Us Now for Immediate Assistance:Are You Quick On The Trigger, Sexually Speaking? Find yourself coming before your partner’s even gotten going? Would you like to learn to slow down and satisfy your partner? Want to enjoy more passionate lovemaking & bigger orgasms, instead of inadvertently shooting your wad before you can say “Oops, I […]

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Sperm Wars

Cuckolds, Hot Wives, Threesomes & Evolutionary Biology Need to Talk about Sperm Wars or Cuckolding? Call The Dr. Susan Block Institute Anytime at 626-461-5950. Most men are excited by the idea of their women being with other men. Yes, most. They may or may not actually like it. But many an otherwise sensible gentleman finds […]

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Feet A Love Story

by Susan M Block, PhD What is it about some people’s feet that makes other people wild with desire? Who is a foot fetishist? A foot hedonist? A foot lover? Feet are two of the most denigrated parts of the human body. We literally step on them all day. Rarely pleasured, often overworked, we walk, […]

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Fetish Power

by Susan M Block, Ph.D. DO YOU HAVE A FETISH? Do You Need To Talk About It? For Excellent Phone Sex Therapy for Your Fetish Analysis, Treatment, Fantasy Roleplay, Guidance, Help Call The Dr. Susan Block Institute Anytime at . Notes for Lectures at Yale University, University of Southern California, the California Graduate Institute, Caltech […]

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Squirting World

Need to Talk about Squirting? Call Us Now: Secrets, Stories & Techniques of G-Spot Female Ejaculation by Dr. Susan Block What is Squirting? One of the great sexual wonders of the world is Female Ejaculation. Called by a variety of names, from the poetic to the worshipful to the crass, it is the Nectar of […]

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