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Cuckold” is an old English term for a man whose wife has sex with other men. In the 21st century, there has been a resurgence of interest in the cuckold’s predicament, cuckold sex, cuckold fantasies, hot wives, big bulls, sperm wars and the cuckold lifestyle.

Are you a cuckold? Is your “hot wife” with a big “bull”? Or are you the hot wife or bull? Do you have questions about cuckolding or being a cuckold? Do you have cuckold fantasies you want to explore?

Are you curious about the “sperm wars” phenomenon that so often stimulates the desire for cuckolding in men of all kinds and sexual orientations?

Are you bothered by derogatory political references to “cucks” and “cuckservatives” and other twisted social misconceptions of what cuckolding is all about… even though it turns you on? Wondering how to talk to your spouse about your cuckolding desires, or how to take it from the realm of fantasy into reality… with all its real-life wonders and complications?

Do you have cuckold concerns, desires or issues you need to talk about privately with someone who understands?


We Are The Cuckold Specialists. We work with Submissive Cuckolds, Dominant Cuckolds, Sissy Cuckolds, Fantasy Cuckolds, Sapiosexual Cuckolds, Interracial Cuckolds, Small-Cock Cuckolds, Bi-Curious Cuckolds, Swinger Cuckolds, Spanked Cuckolds, Cuckolds-in-Bondage, Cuckolds-in-Chastity, Director Cuckolds, Cuckold Voyeurs, Cuckold Exhibitionists, Cheated-On Cuckolds, Reluctant Cuckolds, Humiliated Cuckolds, Happy Cuckolds and many more varieties.

For Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy, Call The Dr. Susan Block Institute now or anytime at 213.291.9497.

And yes, of course, you can masturbate, if you want, during sessions. And no, there is no other cuckold phone sex or cuckold sex therapy system quite like ours. For more information about telephone sex therapy with the Dr. Susan Block Institute, call 213.291.9497.  To speak with someone right away, call 626-461-5950.

Everyone’s wearing cuckold horns in this 1815 French cartoon

World-renowned sexologist Dr. Susan Block and her associate therapists, sex surrogates, fantasy roleplayers, hotwives and big bulls are experts in the art and science of cuckoldry. Topics often explored in Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy sessions include cuckold training, cuckold fetish coping mechanisms, female domination, female submission, male bisexuality, threesomes, swinging, safe sex, oral sex, anal sex, humiliation, cock fetish, male and female orgasm, “cream pies,” forced feminization, interracial sex, guided masturbation, sex toys, bondage and discipline, insecurity, jealousy, arousal and other powerful, often conflicting emotions that so many cuckolds feel.


Dr. Block
is one of the world’s foremost experts on cuckolding.  She even wrote the definition of cuckolding for the Wiley-Blackwell International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality.  Read Dr. Block’s definition of cuckolding here.

Dr. Block’s expertise is also quoted in Anneli Rufus’ popular Daily Beast article on Cuckolding: The Sex Fetish for Intellectuals.

For an evolutionary biological perspective on cuckolding, read Dr. Block’s highly recommended article SPERM WARS or watch her video


And whenever you need to talk about cuckolding or any other aspect of sex privately, give us a call. We’re here for you: 213.291.9497.

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