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High Heel Phone Sex Therapy Comments Off on High Heel Phone Sex Therapy

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Looking for High Heel Heaven? You’ve come to the right place… Do high heels get you hot?  Does your temperature rise when a sexy vixen approaches you in 5-inch stilettos?  Then again, maybe you prefer classic pumps or skyscraper sandals.  Do you love it when your lover keeps her heels on during sex?  Then again, perhaps you like to wear the heels yourself as you strut like a diva on the catwalk… Or do you have such a strong high heel fetish that you’d almost rather kiss, worship and play with the shoes themselves—with or without anybody wearing them?  Whatever your personal fetish or fashion preference, our High Heeled Phone Sex Therapists are here to help anytime you need to talk, 24 hours a day, every day. For information, call [callus]

What is it about high heels that drive you wild?  Is it the shape of the shoe that excites you, its striking, curvaceous form?  Is it the heel itself with a seductive spike, erect and titillating?  Is it the way a pair of heels set off a womanly figure that makes your heart start to race? Do you prefer petite feet in Cinderella heels, or do you like a large pair of platform pumps towering over you like a monument to your desires?    Do you feel that if “the clothes make the man, the shoe makes the woman?”    Ever notice how a woman in a pair of classic pumps radiates style and confidence whether she’s flaunting power plays in the boardroom or bending over backwards in the bedroom?  Maybe you’d even like to hump her pumps

Or would you rather kick classic to the curb and go for a long, tall pair of hooker heels (aka, stripper shoes)?  Or do you long to throw convention to the wind and rock those heels yourself?  Maybe you need a high-heeled mistress to “make” you wear high heels for her.  Perhaps you’d like her to walk all over you, tease and do kinky things to you with different parts of those high heels—from pointed toe to dagger stiletto.  Or would you rather dominate some sweet, vulnerable hottie in those teetering, fragile high heels?  Do you love to inhale the aromatic combination of foot smell and fine shoe leather?  Do you have difficulty communicating about your high-heeled desires with your partner or potential partners? Do you feel shame or anxiety over your shoe fetish?

 Whatever the nature of your interest in high heels, here at the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences, we “get it,” and we’re here to talk with you about your high heeled pleasures and problems, answer your questions, advise you on your fetishes, and roleplay your fantasies.  To enter High-Heeled Heaven or just talk to a High Heel Phone Sex Therapist right now, call [callus].

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What Can We Talk About? Comments Off on What Can We Talk About?

You can talk with the telephone sex therapists of the Dr. Susan Block Institute about anything you like.  No topic is too taboo. Look over the lists of subjects below under "Sexual Issues" and "Erotic Pleasures," if you need some ideas. As you can see, there is quite a bit of overlap among the topics, and we deal with more subjects than we could possibly list.

You may need to talk about several different subjects in one session. Perhaps you want to discuss some serious sexual issues in your life as well as enjoy an erotic phone sex fantasy. That’s fine and usually very beneficial to your sexual health in numerous ways. There are no limits on what you can discuss or how you and your therapist talk in your private telephone or webcam session. Though each one of our therapists doesn't specialize in every kind of subject, we have a large team working with the Institute, and we can almost always find a therapist suited to your specific needs and desires.

And yes, you can masturbate, if you want, during telephone sex therapy sessions. And no, despite the proliferation of interesting options on the Internet and beyond, there is no other phone sex or phone therapy service quite like ours.


Sexual Issues Understanding Your Sexual Nature and How to Live with It Exploring Your Erotic Fantasies How to Find the Lover of Your Dreams Understanding Your Partner’s Fantasies Dealing with Your Fears and Desires How to Express Your Erotic Nature How to Explore Your Sexual Fetish Erotically and Safely How to Share Your Fantasies with Your Partner How to Liberate Your Inner Bonobo Childhood Influences on Your Sexuality Relationships and Sex Families and Sex Work and Sex Politics and Sex Money and Sex Religion and Sex Art and Sex Cuckoldry Trust Issues Fear & Sex Sexual Wellness Religious Sexual Abuse How to Channel Erotic Inspiration How to Get What You Want In Sex, Love, Life and Death Orgasmic Fulfillment Orgasm Difficulties Masturbation Issues Masturbation Technique Mutual Masturbation Safe Sex in Dangerous Situations Ejaculation Control Erectile Difficulties “Sex Addiction” Body Image Issues Shyness Exploring the Clitoris Low Sexual Desire Dealing with Your Partner’s Low Sexual Desire Penis Size Concerns Enhancement of Arousal Virginity Issues Exploring Pain/Pleasure Dynamics How to Find the Erotic Elements in Everyday Life Dealing with Sexual Illness and Injury Sex and Physical Handicaps Trying “The Lifestyle” (Learning to Swing) How to Increase the Passion in Your Marriage Eros and Thanatos How to Develop Your Sexual Communication Skills How to Talk about Sex with a New Lover How to Talk about Sex with Your Spouse How to Give Great Oral Sex What You Should Know About Dominatrixes What You Should Know About Prostitutes What You Should Know About Porn Stars How to Seduce the Lover of Your Dreams How to Lose Your Virginity Premature Ejaculation Different Sexual Positions for Different Pleasures Sexual Anatomy Lesson How to Deal with Extra-Marital Affairs Your Own or Your Partner’s How to Explore Your Feminine Side How to Explore Your Masculine Side Using Your Sexuality to Enhance Your Creativity Why Women Should Explore Phone Sex How to Explore Your Submissive Side How to Explore Your Dominant Side How to Find a Woman’s G–Spot How to Find a Man’s P–Spot How to Female Ejaculate How to Help Your Partner Experience Female Ejaculation Tantric Sex Techniques Pornography Issues How to Meet Mr. or Ms. Right How to Deal with Your Sexual Feelings toward Your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Children, Next-Door-Neighbor, Co-Worker, Boss, Employee, Student, Teacher, Sister-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle or Other Inappropriate Object of Your Desire How to Recover from Incest Trauma How to Recover from Rape, Molestation and Other Negative Sexual Experiences How to Use Sex Toys Explore the Loss of Control Sex and the Stock Market Holiday Blues/Holiday Sex How to Break Away from a Toxic Lover How to Forget a Lost Love Advertising for Love in the Classifieds and on the Internet Gender Issues Body Shame Sex and Age Bisexuality Sex and Drugs Sex and Anti-Depressants Sex and Aphrodisiacs Dressing for Sex Undressing for Sex Sexercise for Sexual Health Circumcision Issues How to Conquer Your Sexual Phobias Finding the Pleasure in Your Life How to Share Sex Toys with Your Partner Sexual Meditation Erotic Relaxation Techniques How to be an Ethical Hedonist How to Practice the Bonobo Way of Peace through Pleasure



Erotic Pleasures Pure and Uncensored PHONE SEX Straight Phone Sex Lesbian Phone Sex Gay Phone Sex Bisexual Phone Sex Transsexual Phone Sex Threesome Phone Sex Cuckold Phone Sex Orgasmic Phone Sex Bukkake Phone Sex Kinky Phone Sex Scary Sex Intelligent Phone Sex Sensuous Phone Sex Romantic Phone Sex Personalized Phone Sex The "Girlfriend Experience" The "Porn Star Experience" Strip Tease Hot Girls Masturbation Fantasy Roleplay Hot Chat Fellatio Cunnilingus Fingering Erotic Teasing Bondage Hot Sexual Intercourse Doggy-Style Woman on Top Missionary Position Analingus (rimming) Anal Sex Goddess Worship Sadomasochism Bondage & Discipline Phone Bondage Swinging Dressing Up Abduction Fantasy Medical Fantasy Smoking Intruder Fantasy Leather Latex Lady Boys Rubber Fur Foot Fetish Water Sports Female Ejaculation Frottage Erotic Teasing Nipple Play Crossdressing Spanking Catfight Fantasy Domination Surrender Hot Dirty Nasty Talk Romance Lingerie Play High Heels Boots Stockings Pantyhose "She-Male" Fantasy Panties Jealousy Fantasies Underwater Sex Vibrator Play Dildo Play Butt Plug Play Group Sex Fantasy Slave Training Cuckold Fantasy Presidential Sex Genital Torture Exhibitionism Voyeurism Cannibal Fantasy Satanic Fantasy Infantile Fantasy Shoe Worship Interracial Sex Playing Doctor Beach Party Consensual Gangbang MILF Fantasy Celebrity Fantasy Girl Next Door Boy Next Door Horny Housewife Next Door Mother Fantasy Father Fantasy Childhood Fantasy Teenage Fantasy Rape Fantasy Hermaphrodite Fantasy Orgy Corsetry Muscle Woman Pregnant Fantasy Menage a Trois Flagellation Cum Fetish AutoFellatio Fantasy Felching Fantasy Food and Sex Shaved Genitals Shaved Bodies Animal Sex Fantasies Golden Showers Brown Showers Erotic Enemas Fisting Wet on Wet Queening Gag Fantasy Piercing Wrestling Fantasies Tantric Sex Play Weight Training Sensory Deprivation Sensory Enhancement Tickling Science Fiction Fantasies Vampire Fantasies Incest Fantasies Nurse Fantasies Tattoos Small Breasts Big Breasts Big Nipples Big Buns Beautiful Buns Tiny Tummy Big Tummy Pregnant Tummy Long Legs Shaved Vulva Hairy Vulva Big Penis Small Penis Humiliation Fantasy Big Balls Slut Training Shaved Penis and Balls Threesomes Block Party Multiple Orgasm Love Fantasy much, much more!


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