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Secrets, Stories & Techniques of G-Spot Female Ejaculation

by Dr. Susan Block

What is Squirting?

One of the great sexual wonders of the world is Female Ejaculation. Called by a variety of names, from the poetic to the worshipful to the crass, it is the Nectar of Aphrodite, the waterfall of womanhood, the champagne of sexuality, a broken fire hydrant, the ultimate orgasm, the geyser of desire. Squirting! Spurting! Spraying! Gushing… Healing as Holy Water, sexy as sin, it’s good for the soul, not to mention the skin. Luminous as a sparkling spring, threatening as a flood of feelings, female ejaculation is carnal proof that a woman’s ability to hit her lover right between the eyes when she comes is equal to that of a man. Thus, its importance is not only erotic, but political, as it is a tangible, palatable (i.e., delicious!), orgasmic symbol of female sexual power.

Often, female ejaculation is even more profuse and forceful than the male variety. Not everyone finds it erotic. Some are repulsed or threatened by the Raging Waters of Venus. Some women squirt naturally, some never do squirt at all, still others learn how to do it. Though female ejaculation is older than humanity, it is on a new frontier of female sexuality. Both women and men are expressing greater and greater interest in it. As a sex therapist, I get asked these questions more and more on my show and in my private practice: How can I squirt? How can I help my partner to squirt? The *meme* of “squirting” is veritably flooding the world. So, batten down the hatches! Better yet, ladies: uncork your champagne! Gentlemen: get ready to get soaked! If the squirting wave hasn’t yet engulfed your neighborhood, it’s on its way to bursting out of the closet (the water closet?), and drenching a bed near you.

When I first discovered the phenomenon of G-spot female ejaculation orgasms, I was intrigued, excited, mystified and challenged. As a sex therapist, I wanted to understand it. As a woman, I wanted to experience it. This essay is about both. It is a journey into the eye of a sexual hurricane, a trip into inner space, delving into the deep sensations, as well as the anatomy, history, technique, spirituality, relationship issues, controversies, culture, comedy and sheer Dionysian-orgasmic release of squirting.

Is It Real?

Throughout Western history, prominent scientists have reported witnessing and experiencing the forceful release of fluids from the vagina during sexual activity. We can begin with the Western world’s most famous ancient scientist, Aristotle, who wrote about the phenomenon of women’s vaginal expulsions during sex, maintaining that they did not have the appearance or aroma of urine, nor did they stain the lady’s toga.

In the first century, the Greek Hippocratic “Father of Medicine” Galen, described the “fluid in the female prostate” as thinner than in males. In the 1500’s, the Italian anatomist and surgeon Realdo Colombo, who claimed to have discovered the clitoris which he called “the sweetness of Venus,” wrote about female fluid “rushing out” and “coming in one gush” from a woman in a state of sexual excitement. The first modern description of female ejaculation came from the Netherlands, which is not so surprising as the Dutch have long been open-minded about sex. In the 17th century, Dr. Regnier DeGraaf wrote about the urethra being pierced by ducts through which fluids are discharged, “occasionally in large quantities.” In 1880, Dr. Alexander Skene found two glands in the urethra that emit prostate fluid. These are now called the Skene’s glands.

In the 1940s, American gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegal discovered that if a woman has a strong PC, she is less likely to suffer from urinary incontinence. Just in case you don’t know, the PC is not politically correct (on the contrary!), nor is it a personal computer. The PC is the pubococcygeus, also known as the “sex muscle,” right between the genitals and the anus. This is the muscle you squeeze to stop yourself from peeing. Both men and women have PC muscles, and both benefit from squeezing and releasing them in what’s known as a Kegel exercise. Whatever your gender or genitalia, squeezing and releasing your PC muscle helps you to have bigger, stronger orgasm with and without squirting.

In 1950, a German obstetrician, Dr. Ernest Grafenberg found a very sensitive spot inside the vagina which he immediately named after himself: the G-spot, handily located just an inch or so up from the entrance on the side of the vagina closest to a woman’s abdomen. Dr. Grafenberg found that stimulation of the G-spot could lead to expulsion of fluid from the urethra. “Large quantities of a clear, transparent fluid expelled not from the vulva, but out of the urethra in gushes,” gushed Dr. G. “At first, I thought that the bladder sphincter had become defective by the intensity of the orgasm. But,” he continued, “the fluid was examined and it had no urinary character (rather it was) secretions of the intra-urethral glands correlated with the erotogenic zone along the urethra in the anterior vaginal wall.” Sounds like Mrs. G was a gusher.”

Despite Dr. G’s discoveries, G-spot fever didn’t take hold of 1950s Western society. Even the sex-positive feminists of the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s pretty much ignored it. Feminists proclaimed women’s essential equality with men in and out of the bedroom, but somehow missed the fact that a woman can squirt like a man, sometimes with even greater force. Most women who did ejaculate were quiet about it, often mistaking it for urination.

In the 1980s, the bestselling book The G-Spot by Dr. Alice Kahn Ladas, Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. John Perry, broke through the dykes, and a wealth of information about women’s sexuality, including G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation, gushed forth. Since the 1990’s, several studies have been done by Perry and Whipple, as well as Dr. Milan Zaviacic, Dr. Gary Schubach and Dr. Cabello Santamaria, regarding the liquid expelled during female ejaculation to determine the chemical makeup. According to Wikipedia, the expelled fluid has been found to contain fructose and sucrose, two natural forms of sugar. It also includes very low levels of creatinine and urea (the two primary chemical components of urine, found in high levels in pre- and post-ejaculatory urinalysis). Most interestingly, it contains prostate-specific antigen (PSA), the fluid produced by males in the prostate gland, which forms the base of male ejaculate. In females, it is generated by the Skene’s glands which are located in the G-spot. That’s why some people, including world-renowned FE expert Deborah Sundahl, author of Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot, and featured in BlockFilms’ award-winning DVD Dr. Suzy’s Squirt Salon(s), call the G-spot the “female prostate.”

In Eastern history, female ejaculation and the G-spot have long been recognized as important aspects of normal female sexuality. Tantric sex practitioners often refer to the G-spot as the Goddess Spot or sacred spot. They call the fluid “amrita,” the nectar of the gods. The Kama Sutra is almost certainly referring to female ejaculation when it says “The semen of women continues to fall from the beginning of the sexual union to its end.” Images of women ejaculating are carved into Buddhist and Hindu temples, along with other erotic sculptures. Japanese woodcuts show women squirting into bowls in ecstasy. Many East Asian men and women drank female ejaculate for its supposed aphrodisiac and rejuvenating qualities.

A Storm of Controversy

Despite the scientific evidence, the medical establishment has long been extremely dubious about female ejaculation. Over the years, the subject of G-spot female ejaculation has stimulated a veritable thunderstorm of debate among sex researchers, doctors, sex educators, porn stars, lovers, husbands and wives. Detractors insist that there is no G-spot, that women who squirt during orgasm are just peeing while they’re coming, and all this hoopla over G-spot female ejaculation is nothing but a glorified golden shower.

But those of us who have experienced the power and glory of G-spot female ejaculation – giving or receiving – know that it exists. This is not a matter of faith; this is the science of sex. Squirting orgasms have been documented, researched and chemically analyzed. In that regard, my own experience, as well as my video-study in female ejaculation, Dr. Suzy’s Squirt Salon(s) provided me with extremely strong evidence. Too bad film isn’t something you can scratch and sniff, because then you would know that it doesn’t smell like urine! But the pleasure and power of female ejaculation do come across onscreen. You can see it, you can hear, and you feel it. And it feels good.

This *feel-good* aspect of squirting is perhaps another reason that the naysayers have held sway over the years. Female ejaculation is a pure recreational pleasure that has no apparent direct role in procreation, except that women who squirt may, over the millennia, have procreated more, simply because we tend to enjoy sex more.

Skepticism about squirting goes from the lab to the bedroom. On one of the Squirt Salons, Rebecca, a part-Native American (Cherokee) woman called in from South Dakota. She had no trouble squirting; she’d been doing it almost all of her adult life and loved it. Her problem was getting her new boyfriend to enjoy it with her. In fact, he didn’t even believe that it was real. He accused her of peeing on him, implying that she was being rude. My guest expert Deborah Sundahl and I tried to help Rebecca to navigate the challenges of sharing the pleasures of female ejaculation with a skeptical lover. First, do the smell test; comparing the aroma of female ejaculate with that of urine. Next, let him read the scientific literature on the subject.

In 2002, Dr. Emmanuele Jannini of Italy’s L’Aquila University conducted a study that found that the Skene’s gland openings vary in size from one woman to another, and some women appear not to have them at all. If Skene’s glands do cause female ejaculation, this may explain why some women can do it profusely, while others can’t at all, or just produce a little spurt (though a little spurt can feel mighty good!). According to other studies conducted by Dr. Cabello Santamaria, the phenomenon of “retrograde female ejaculation,” where the fluid travels up the urethra towards the bladder, could also explain why many ladies can’t or simply don’t squirt. Many women, when they learn to ejaculate, realize that they have squirted in the past, but they haven’t known what it was. Many have ejaculated into the toilet during or immediately after sex, assuming, of course, that they were peeing.

Female ejaculation is by no means “necessary” for female sexual pleasure. But it is a healthy, normal, natural feminine experience that some women have without even trying. But just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean any woman can do it without help. Just as many women (like me), needed to learn how to have a *regular* orgasm, most of us need to learn how to ejaculate. We need to learn a combination of technique and relaxation. And guys who are interested need to learn how to help, if they really want to help.

Learning How to Squirt

Female Ejaculation is an everyday miracle. Just about every normal woman has the anatomy for it, but most don’t do it. Moreover, the practice is veiled in mystery. Some porn films show it, but they don’t explain what it is or how to do it. Sometimes they even use misleading tricks, like filling the woman’s vagina with water that she then squirts out for the camera. Some sex education videos and books explain female ejaculation in much the same way that this essay tries to do, but they don’t show it very well. Granted, it is difficult to explain. Thus, over the years, I have tried to create my own videos and literature that shows this process as clearly, and with us much fun and erotic delight, as possible.

I first heard the term “G-spot female ejaculation” from Deborah Sundahl back in 1992 at a Lifestyles Convention, having wandered into her seminar quite by accident. I had never heard of such a thing as women having “squirting” orgasms, at least not on purpose. Neither had anyone else in the seminar. It was something “new” and very exciting, but rather confusing and seemed way out of my personal realm-of-possibility, especially in a seminar like this, where we were sitting in rows of chairs as if we were in a biology class. I found Deborah to be quite charming and knowledgeable, and interviewed her on my show a couple of times, but didn’t get an intimate lesson in squirting from her until 12 years later! In the meantime, I would encounter a slightly different approach to the art and science of female ejaculation.

The Braun Method

Years passed, and I didn’t give much thought to female ejaculation until I met one of the most prominent, prolific, “hands-on” (and fingers in) modern crusaders for G-spot female ejaculation, Axel “The G-Man” Braun. Axel (now an award-winning director) is the handsome, nimble-fingered son of renowned Italian sex pioneer and filmmaker Lasse Braun. The elder Braun, an old friend of mine (now dearly departed), had written a booklet, The Nectar of Aphrodite, a sort of G-Spot Female Ejaculation Manifesto based upon his personal research into the phenomenon with 130 different women. Braun the Younger took his father’s work into the next generation of ejaculation.

Axel has long boasted that he can “make any woman squirt.” He almost lives up to his grandiose claim, having succeeded with 12 out of 15 of the women on whom he’s tried his method at the Dr. Susan Block Institute, most notably the vivacious and juicy Shayna Knight. As for the other three: One was deadset against squirting at all; she wanted to prove him wrong, and she did. Another was sick with a 102 degree fever (on another occasion, when she was well, she did squirt). The third admitted that she was too worried about what her jealous boyfriend would think to relax and let anything happen. The other 12, myself among them, all squirted with Axel, even though we’d never squirted before.

The “Braun Method” is all in the finger action. It begins with the woman lying back, legs spread open, her partner (let’s call him the “G-Man”;) at her right side, if he is right-handed. After some sort of foreplay (kissing, oral sex, nipple play, rubbing the clitoris and labia, whatever gets her wet), the G-Man inserts two fingers into her vagina. Axel uses his middle and ring fingers for this, though you might prefer to use your middle and forefingers. Slowly, the G-Man moves his two fingers around inside of her, continuing the foreplay – rubbing her clit, playing with her nipples, lightly spanking her butt, etc. With probing fingers, he locates her G-Spot. He can feel it as a slightly raised, spongy, ridged bump on the “roof” of the vaginal cave. In most women, it is just behind the clitoris, and some experts consider it to be an extension of the clitoris. He then finds the center of this spot, pressing it gently but firmly. This pressure releases a warm flow of fluid, whereupon the G-Man begins vigorously “fingering” her, in and out of her vaginal opening, causing the rapid expulsion of fluid. That is, female ejaculation.

The first time Axel made me squirt was New Year’s 2000. Talk about toasting the New Millennium with my own Cristal Ejaculate! I’d just done a New Year’s show, plus received a particularly good whipping from Axel’s Daddy Lasse on Mario Saucedo’s Bondage Cross, and sat down and up a few times on Mario’s Dildo Chair. All that wild “foreplay” mixed with a few flutes of champagne got me loosened and lubricated for adventure. While Lasse was whipping me, Axel was whispering into my ear that he wanted to make me squirt.

I’d seen several women ejaculate – Deborah, Kiss, Annie Sprinkle and Carol Queen, to name a few – but I’d never been able to do it myself, not that I’d really tried. I was also one of those skeptics who wondered if it wasn’t just peeing while you’re coming. Not that there’s anything wrong with a nice golden shower, but well, that’s just peeing.

But Axel and Lasse both, each commandeering one of my ears, promised me it wasn’t just peeing. Moreover, Axel insisted he could make me squirt without my knowing how to do a thing. As soon as I agreed, Axel disappeared into the bathroom to wash up. Emerging with sleeves rolled up and hands raised, he looked like a surgeon about to operate, or a magician showing he had nothing up his sleeve.

Just to prove to myself that it wasn’t urine, I took a nice long whiz right before sitting down with Axel. As I was already highly aroused and very wet thanks to all that whipping and whispering, Axel didn’t have to do much in the way of foreplay. He slid his middle and ring fingers easily between my inner labia and into my vagina and immediately began probing around for my G-Spot. Once he located the raised spongy spot under the roof of my vaginal cave, he pressed it gently yet firmly. I felt a slight pinprick sensation, followed by a gushing feeling in my womb, at which point Axel began his dynamic forceful fingering technique. In and out, in and out. I felt like I was blacking out, but I could hear the oohing and ahhing of spectators around me. Actually, I felt kind of like a human washing machine (in a good way!) on rinse cycle. My eyes were closed, so I couldn’t see myself squirt, but when I was done, everyone assured me that I had, indeed, ejaculated. I also noticed that Axel’s arm and the towel I sat on, as well as the sofa under it, were soaked with my bountiful juices. Later, I looked at the video. Yes, indeed, there I was, squirting like a burst water pipe.

These juices did not smell like pee. They smelled like pussy.

As for the orgasm itself, it was intense, a little bit painful, and exhilarating like a roller coaster ride, leaving me breathless, dizzy and more than a little worn out. A few minutes afterwards, I found myself feeling hornier than usual and wound up having a lot of wild wet sex that night. No more squirting, but some of my deepest, longest, juiciest orgasms ever.

From 2000-2004, I experienced G-spot female ejaculation about a half dozen more times, all with the G-Man, a frequent guest at my Speakeasy. Though I couldn’t yet squirt with my husband or other sexual partners, I noticed that my regular orgasms became stronger, longer and more frequent than ever, and I seemed to lubricate more easily and copiously than before.

Ivona’s Way

During this time, I met Ivona Diamond. When Ivona came to the Dr. Susan Block Institute, she had never squirted before. One night after the show, Axel asked her if she’d like to try it. Ivona’s boyfriend Larry went down on her as I played with her nipples. Then she let Axel’s fingers do the walking, using the Braun Method to make her ejaculate forcefully within about 10 minutes. Ivona is a very sensuous, adventurous woman. So no one was too surprised when she let loose and squirted up a small tropical storm. Still it was a baptismal sexual revelation. Soon Ivona became a Squirting Star. She squirted for me at my birthday party and at the first show on my broadcast bed at a new building of ours. Just as they christen a new ship with champagne, we uncorked our own personal Sex Bubbly to kick off a new era for the show in our beautiful virgin space. She squirted on her own birthday and for Halloween. She squirts regularly at home too.

Ivona still enjoys G-spot female ejaculation according to the Braun Method, which Larry mastered along with oral sex. But Ivona taught herself to squirt quite profusely with no fingering at all. With nothing but the firm pressure of her favorite plug-in vibrator, Mr. Hitachi, on her clitoris, labia and pushed-out G-Spot, Ivona can spray like a turbo-charged sprinkler system in a matter of seconds.

How does she do it? Goddess only knows, but she does it almost every time. Some women are squirting naturals; they do it without even trying. In fact, if they haven’t been educated about female ejaculation or if they have ignorant lovers, they may even be embarrassed about it, though, of course, they shouldn’t be. Ivona’s not exactly a natural. She didn’t start squirting until the G-Man pressed her button. But she does practice and, at this point, she can pretty much squirt on command. Here’s her essential routine: She lies down, head propped against pillows, legs bent and spread wide, buns raised up slightly off the bed. She lubricates her sizeable clitoris and abundant inner labia with her saliva (or Larry’s), then pulls those big wet butterfly lips open, placing Mr. Hitachi’s head right under her clitoris and over her spread labia. Then she presses Mr. Hitachi down, turning him on high speed, raising her butt, breathing deep, squeezing and releasing her kegel or pubococcygeous (PC) muscles and gently but firmly pushing out her G-spot so that it is stimulated by Mr. Hitachi. After a minute or two, or maybe at the most, three, her eyes squeeze shut and a high-pitched moan emerges from her throat. A second or two later, the geyser erupts. It lasts up to five seconds. The amount of ejaculate that she releases ranges from not much more than a sparkly spritz of pussy perfume to a dazzling, gushing tsunami of amrita. Her secret? Practice, she says. Also, she says it’s easier to for her to squirt a lot when she hasn’t done it for a couple of weeks. Just like guys.

Annie Body: Squirting Superstar

Most of us can only squirt once or twice in a session. Some women are squirters unlimited. Take the amazing Annie Body who made her first appearance on my show in February, 2002. It was a low-key night with no other guests and no studio audience. Just me, my staff and Annie. Ms. Body, with her horn-rimmed glasses, naturally faded jeans and form-fitting lavender and purple toe socks, looked more like a college biology major than the porn star she is. Little did I know that this sweet, petite, slightly nerdy-looking young lady would turn out to be one of my hottest, wettest, wildest guests ever, and I’d discover exciting aspects of female biology I’d never witnessed before.

At first, Annie just bounced around like a sexual puppy, licking me everywhere and doing it doggystyle with her friend AIN‘s Steve Nelson. But it wasn’t long before we witnessed a rather remarkable aspect of Annie’s body. That is, when Steve gently but firmly slapped her clitoris and swollen labia with his penis, she started squirting profusely. Wow! What a splash! I’d never seen a woman emit so much fluid! Steve could only cock-slap for so long, but Annie kept on squirting, like a backyard sprinkler. Then she let me do it. I’d never before made a woman squirt by my own hand! But I had no trouble making Annie squirt, spray, ejaculate and come like the Trevi Fountain over and over again, just by lightly slapping her engorged vulva.. I must admit it was a thrill, and I gave Annie a big hug and kiss for making it so easy for me.. She was ecstatic because, she said, this was only the second time she’d squirted in her life! I wasn’t sure what to make of that. But I felt this was indeed a very special occasion. All that squirting made Annie thirsty. She took a long slurp of ice water and spit it out, reminding me of how much squirting is like spitting. Her saliva traveled across the bed like a cruise missile, hitting Steve in just the right spot. Then she went, lickety-spit to lick up her spit, and wound up giving him a very nice blowjob.

That, of course, is another story. I didn’t see Annie again until 2004 when she came back to squirt even more voluminously on several shows in succession, including “Bonobos and Missionaries in the Squirting Pussy Rainforest,” “Faith-Based Sex,” “Dommes & Hollie” and “Future Sex.” That last show featured another female ejaculator, Avy Lee Roth (80s rock star David Lee Roth’s porn star daughter), who had squirted once on another one of my shows, “Latina Orgasmical” while singing “Girl You Got Me” along with her dad. Squirting is so rock ‘n roll.

The Sundahl Method

But the most important session of female ejaculation we’ve ever had here at the Institute would have to be the long, erotic, highly educational, soaking wet night we call Dr. Suzy’s Squirt Salon(s). It was indeed a baptismal sexual revelation. My featured guest was noted FE expert Deborah Sundahl. Deborah stayed over at the Institute for a few days before the show. While she was here, I read her book Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot. One afternoon, I went up to the roof to do my usual yoga exercises, and I brought the book and a little hand mirror with me. There I was all alone with a panoramic view of Los Angeles, a towel, a pussy mirror, and this book on how to squirt. Sometimes I get aroused from just going through various yoga positions, and this was one of those times. I picked up the book and reread the parts with directions on how to squirt.

Learning about sex from books isn’t for everybody. But books have always helped me with my own sexuality. I learned how to have my first orgasm from Betty Dodson‘s Sex for One (then entitled Liberating Masturbation). That afternoon, I learned how to female ejaculate on my own from Deborah’s book. Of course, the book is much more detailed than this essay, and I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning to squirt. But here’s essentially what I did: First, I urinated downstairs before I went up on the roof. Then I found my private spot, spread out my towel and did about 30 minutes of slow sensuous yoga, breathing deeply, squeezing and releasing my PC muscles, concentrating on the pleasurable feelings in my body in general and my genitalia in particular. Next, I licked my fingers, and stuck my hands in my panties (I didn’t feel quite certain enough that I wouldn’t be seen to get completely naked. I rubbed my now juicy clitoris until I was very excited but not orgasming. Then, I stuck my index finger inside my vagina, crooking it into the “come hither” position, and rubbed and pressed my G-spot, feeling the ridges on the bump just an inch up from the entrance.

I took my time. I didn’t try to ejaculate, didn’t really expect to ejaculate. I just focused on the pleasurable feelings in my G-spot. I felt it growing, swelling, enlarging against my finger. As Deborah’s book suggested, I let it build and grow bigger and fuller. Every so often, I’d stop and breathe deep, and on the out-breath, I pushed as if I was going to pee, but I didn’t pee. I just pushed out my G-Spot, so it was practically outside my labia. Sometimes it felt as if my G-spot was ballooning out on its own.

Deborah cautions against pushing too hard and straining yourself. But I found that pushing out slowly and gently did lead me to squirt. That’s right, I had my very first self-propelled female ejaculation experience, with Deborah’s book in one hand as my other hand rubbed and pressed my G-spot. I first felt it on my finger, then I pulled out my finger along with a stream of hot flowing ejaculate that wound up soaking my panties, the towel and the book, and seemed to make the police helicopter circling above me screech to a halt in the sky. I sniffed my soaked panties and was pleased to find them smelling very faintly of flowers, certainly not of urine. I floated blissfully on my wet towel under the clouds for who knows how long. Then I ran downstairs to show Deborah who sniffed my panties and squealed with delight. “Congratulations, Suzy, you ejaculated!”

Leila’s Tantric Ejaculation

The next night, I held the Squirt Salon(s) with Deborah, Annie and a lovely lady named Leila Swan, whom I dubbed the “Missionary of Squirting,” since she hails from an Evangelical Christian background. Leila’s father was a preacher who baptized people in the river; now she baptizes her lovers with ejaculate. Leila told the story of how she left her home on a farm, went to Hawaii and got involved in Tantric sex, awakened her ability to ejaculate. It’s not surprising that the techniques of Tantra, including deep breathing, PC muscle exercise, extended attention to female pleasure and male self-control, and maximizing a woman’s orgasmic potential, would sometimes result in female ejaculation.

After Leila’s story, a young lady named Maria called in on the show from the San Fernando Valley and told us that she was a squirter who had never been with another woman, and she could stop fantasizing about that. As Maria masturbated, I wove a story out of the reality of four hot women getting ready to squirt all over each other in her bed. Maria moaned and said she ejaculated. Next Richard called in from West LA, and asked for help in finding the G-spot. At this point, Deborah gave Richard – and the audience – a detailed, very close-up, anatomy lesson in how to find the G-spot, using Leila’s beautiful G-Spot as a model. I invited our cameras to go “spelunking” into Leila’s vaginal cave. Deborah said that never before had the G-spot been shown in such intimate, close-up detail. Then, she located Annie’s G-spot. Finding it was so stimulating that Annie gave Deborah a very wet surprise! Just being a diagram made her squirt!

Then Ken called in from Texas, and told the story of his first-time experience with a woman who ejaculated. He asked what shape penis is best for getting a woman to squirt. Deborah explained that it didn’t really matter because even the light touch of a finger can get a girl to ejaculate, as she had just demonstrated with Annie. But Annie and Leila insisted that a curved cock is best for *hitting the spot.* All this talk about cocks and curves got Annie very excited, so she spread out an American flag towel, sat down on it with her legs spread wide, started fingering her G-spot and slapping her clitoris, and before we could say, Tidal wave!” she was squirting up a storm, a flowing Fountain of Venus.. Soon, everyone was covered in ejaculate.

“You want to get fucked really hard,” Deborah said to Annie.

“You want to fuck me?” Annie challenged the teacher.

Deborah accepted the challenge and proceeded to use her strong, skilled fingers to give Annie several more astounding ejaculatory orgasms, all the while explaining exactly what she is doing for the benefit of the audience. Then Annie squirted into a glass bowl, and I poured the ejaculate into a champagne flute, which we all passed around, sniffed and even sipped. Everyone agreed that the liquid looked, tasted and smelled nothing like urine. Trying to describe it was difficult though, like explaining fine wine!

To top off her performance, Annie fisted herself! Then she ran off to get her strap-on, and Leila assumed center stage to demonstrate the art and science of female ejaculation with toys, using a curved G-Spot Stimulator Magic Wand and a small vibrating egg.

Leila’s ejaculate was not as forceful as Annie’s, but just as beautiful, a bit lighter and more delicate in delivery, but almost as profuse. Leila squirts more than a bowlful, and we poured her nectar into another champagne flute, sipped and compared it with Annie’s. Then Leila’s lover, Big D, entered the scene, showing his sexual mettle by taking a large swig of Leila’s ejaculate from the champagne flute and smacking his lips with pleasure. Since Big D was wearing a skirt (well, a kilt), I assumed he wanted someone to lift it. So I did, only to find out just why he is called Big D. Leila proceeded to give him expert, loving fellatio, as Johnny from Hollywood called in, eager to see my G-spot…

I wasn’t quite ready for that, so I took a call from Joyce in Iowa. Joyce boasted about her ability to squirt six feet, then proceeded to masturbate quite audibly as Leila rode Big D’s big dick, bringing both Joyce and Leila to fantastic squirting orgasms. Then Mike called in from New York with statistical questions like “How much can a woman squirt?” which Deborah tried to answer as best as she could, with a veritable orgy going on around us. As Leila turned and rode Big D reverse-cowgirl style, we took another close-up look at Leila’s G-spot. After all that riding and squirting, Leila’s G-spot was more than twice the size it was before! It was so big and expressive; it seemed to speak to us. I called it “Pussy Talk,” a show within the show.

After a little cartoony Pussy Talk, we went to a deeper level, discussing the profound emotional aspects of the G-spot, the “Gateway to Higher Love.” Then it was Deborah’s turn. She showed her own G-spot to one of my cameras, as Annie and our other camera went out into the studio audience, finding couples and threesomes inspired to make love by all the exhilarating ejaculation action on the bed.

I Squirt with Deborah

Then Deborah offered to help me find my G-spot. This seemed like a fun idea. I had, of course, found it with my fingers many times, and gotten a glimpse of it in the mirror when I was on the roof. However, I’d never before seen it bigger than life on a television monitor. This would be very cool. But first I had to pee. After all, the Squirt Salon is a pretty long, intimate show with no breaks. So I decided to pee right on camera into a “pee pot” that we keep handy for such occasions. Since I was in the mood for making a statement, I grabbed a photoshopped photo of our President giving me head and stuck it into the pot. Then I “Peed on Bush,” releasing a stream of my political frustration along with my golden showers. Annie and Kim also peed on Bush. With this, it was apparent to all that our pee was very different from the ejaculate. It was yellow, smelled strongly of urine and had a noticeably thinner texture than the female ejaculate.

Then it was time for my own G-Spot Revelation. I leaned back against the pillows, opened my legs, breathed deep and pushed out as Deborah stimulated my G-spot with her forefinger. She rubbed it very slowly, telling me to relax, not an easy thing for me to do while I’m hosting a show. Of course, I had relaxed and ejaculated on the roof the day before. But I’d been alone and had plenty of time. Now I had an audience, including cameras. Of course, I’d done it on the show with Axel several times in the past. But he had really done all the “work.” It didn’t matter what I did; he just whipped the ejaculate right out of me. According to the Sundahl Method, I am more in control of my own ejaculation. So I had to really relax and feel the pleasure. To accomplish that, I imagined I was at the beach with waves crashing between my thighs. I closed my eyes, trying to forget the cameras and the audience. I breathed deep, and pushed out, feeling the pleasurable sensations of Deborah’s finger gently rubbing my most intimate swelling spot, and then the next thing I knew, I was ejaculating ~ twice! What a surprise! I was speechless…for about a minute.

Then I called for champagne, and all the Squirting Stars came together for a giddy, Dionysian celebration, kind of a cross between a women’s consciousness-raising group and a drunken orgy. I was on a roll. With Deborah’s help, I ejaculated a third time. An erotic “After-Party” followed with masked dancing and more squirting hot sex. With Annie’s help, I ejaculated a fourth time. The evening climaxed, fittingly enough, with Big D climaxing, providing a nice reminder that men squirt too! Praise the Lord and the Lady. We are all loving, squirting beings.

Since the night of the Squirt Salon(s), I’ve drenched many towels in squirting sex with my husband. I’ve also hosted other wet shows, including Faith-Based Sex, Squirt Crazy, Dommes & Hollie, Spring Showers, and Double-Annie Squirting Anniversary which featured 21-year-old Squirting Star Annie Cruz, as well as our beloved Rainforest Princess Annie Body.

Can You Learn to Squirt?

So, can you learn to squirt? Yes, you can! But will you? To some degree, it’s up to you. As with any kind of learning, the first thing you need is motivation. Some, maybe most, women are just not motivated to do this, and that’s fine. Female ejaculation is optional. You certainly don’t have to ejaculate to be a happy, healthy, orgasmic, sexual woman. Some women aren’t interested. Some just don’t have the time. When you’re worried about where your next meal is coming from, squirting is not at the top of your list of things to do. For some, it’s “against their religion,” which says only men should wear the pants and do the squirting in the family. Some women think men don’t like it. Fact is that some men do; some don’t. The ones that do tend to be the kind that really enjoy and seek out women’s pleasure, and aren’t too fussy about getting soaked with a splash of amrita.

Speaking of which, there are practical issues. Some women don’t like sleeping on wet sheets. I confess this to be one of my own problems with squirting regularly. This is one reason why I, like so many women, tend to hold back from ejaculating during sex; then, at a certain point, I tell my lover, “I gotta go pee,” then run into the bathroom and squirt into the toilet. Yes, the mess is an issue. Female ejaculate doesn’t stain, but it does tend to soak everything within a 1-6 foot radius; just think of spilling a glass of water in bed. You can put a towel down, but a really good squirt soaks right through the towel. Best to do it in the bath, on a nice clean floor, on the roof, or best of all, in a bed you won’t be sleeping in that night.

Face it, G-spot female ejaculation is one of those decadent pleasures, like fresh oysters, that require the right circumstances and preparation, as well as post-pleasure clean-up. Is it worth it? Well, aren’t fresh oysters worth it, at least occasionally? Yes, they can be bitches to crack open, but if you succeed, you have yourself a real treat. So, isn’t reaching a new height in sexual pleasure worth a little effort? I think so. But then, I love fresh oysters. At least, occasionally.

Once you’ve got the motivation, you might find yourself squirting like a sprinkler system with just a little concentration and some good G-spot rubbing sex. More likely, you’ll need some instruction, which you can obtain through books, videos, the personal touch, whatever works for you. Then again, maybe this little essay is enough to get you going, or perhaps you need to read Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot and/or watch the Squirt Salon(s) or another show or clip on the subject. Some of you may need more instruction than others. Some of you may have psychological or physiological *learning disabilities* that plug up your porthole, so to speak. Don’t be discouraged. If you really want to squirt, eventually you probably will. Most of us hold it back for myriad reasons, good and bad, crazy and sane, conscious and unconscious. But we can all squirt. Remember: the human body is about 75 per cent H2O. It’s just a question of letting a little out.

Yes, indeed, Brothers & Sisters, Lovers & Sinners. Let the holy water shoot forth! Squirt Bombs produce Shock and Awe with Zero Casualties. Squirt for joy! Squirt for peace. Flood the world with pleasure. Cover the earth in cum. At least, occasionally…

Addendum (May 2015):

Since I wrote this essay over 10 years ago, I’ve squirted hundreds of times. I’ve also helped dozens of women to squirt, some for the first time. Others are Squirting Stars, like Deauxma, Eden Alexander, Rainey Lain, Kartier, Vicky Vixen, Alexandra Silk and many more.

During this time, several naysayers have said denied the existence of female ejaculation, as well as the G-Spot itself, citing specious, sloppy studies and fluid-phobic old wives’ tales. But many others, including myself, have defended the reality of the G-Spot and squirting, with eloquence, experience and science. So… let the rivers flow and the geysers shoot! Don’t be afraid… it’s Holy Water, Brothers and Sisters!



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