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Sexual Surrogate Therapy

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Have you been considering working with a sexual surrogate?

Are you experiencing performance anxiety, erectile difficulties, inability to orgasm, premature ejaculation, an extreme lack of confidence, severe shyness, a sexless relationship or other sexual “complications” that you can’t seem to work out on your own?

Have you wondered if there is a serious, therapeutic, “hands-on” way to improve your sex life?

If you’re thinking about working with a sexual surrogate or “sex surrogate,” our staff of trained phone sex therapists is available to discuss your desires and needs. If you’re interested in learning, ready to start working with a sexual surrogate or if you need help deciding if sexual surrogacy is right for you, call The Dr. Susan Block Institute anytime 24/7 at 213.291.9497

What do you know about sexual surrogacy?

Sexual surrogate therapy is an alternative method of sex therapy which a therapist may recommend for those individuals who have serious problems engaging in fulfilling sex. Sexuality, while a natural and rich source of pleasure, is generally at its richest when expressed with a partner. But sex with a partner, or even the prospect of obtaining a partner at all, often comes with compromises and complications.

For some, emotional trauma, low self-esteem, fear of intimacy or many other social barriers can make the act of sexual intercourse a near-impossible achievement. For others, there are physical obstacles, such as impotence or delayed or “premature” ejaculation. And then of course, there are the social skills and opportunity required in acquiring a sex partner in the first place. Surely, the pressure of obtaining a partner can worsen existing issues with nervousness, anxiety or depression.

Sexual issues can be psychological and emotional matters where regular “talk” therapy is the best treatment. On the other hand, sexuality is, in part, also physical, and sometimes physical help is required and beneficial. This is where sexual surrogate therapy comes in. Working in conjunction with a therapist, the trained sexual surrogate takes a step-by-step, hands-on approach based on the classic work sensate focus therapy of Masters & Johnson, in combination with other traditional and nontraditional therapies. A sexual surrogate will spend the time it takes (usually several weeks) to work slowly with the client to help them work through all the issues of concern, emotionally, and when appropriate, physically as well.

The Block Institute works with California state-certified sexual surrogates.  Of course, we always stay within the strict confines of the law on these matters.  We also recommend that you contact the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA).

But if you need help deciding if sex surrogacy is right for you or if you just need to talk about your problem, you can give us a call anytime 24/7.  Someone is always here to talk with you, and we may be able to get you started working with a sexual surrogate and/or therapist.  Sexual surrogacy is not legal in every state or country, but talking about it always is.
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