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Do you long for an erotic experience that is more than just physical, but doesn’t require a major long-term commitment? Many of us, probably most of us, feel that there is much more to sex than just the carnal act…that goes for women and men.  So, what about you?  Do you feel that a physical encounter is heightened by what goes on before and after, not to mention during the “act” itself? Consider the things that go along with having a “girlfriend,” both in and out of the bedroom: a romantic evening, good conversation, humor, understanding, compliments, kissing, cuddling, playful foreplay, sharing secrets, the give and take of pleasure, intimacy. Closeness like this makes the sex between you that much more special, as well as more deeply orgasmic.

If this sounds appealing, you may be looking for the Girlfriend Experience (or GFE), an encounter that provides as much emotional satisfaction as physical.  GFE is a term used by some escorts, call girls, prostitutes,etc., made famous in the film by that name starring Sasha Grey, directed by Steven Soderbergh.  But it’s really about much more than hiring an escort. Who says that just because you pay for an erotic experience, it has to be sex without feeling, foreplay, afterplay, laughter, romance or intimacy? In The Girlfriend Experience, you can have it all.

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So…why not just go for a real girlfriend? Lots of reasons! The Girlfriend Experience is not a play by play of the experience of having a girlfriend…otherwise it would just be a bad imitation of the real thing. The GFE is the skillfully roleplayed fantasy of a girlfriend—the best parts, including the sexual parts—and when it’s over, there’s no grouchy, difficult, demanding, real girlfriend to contend with. Let’s face it: Having a real girlfriend can be a lot of work. In real life, many relationships are more trouble than they’re worth.  Even the best require commitment, sacrifice and responsibility, and they don’t always last.  The worst break your heart and often your bank account. Like a delicious cake without the calories, The Girlfriend Experience gives you the deep pleasure and warm feeling of intimacy without the work and wear-and-tear.

There are many reasons you might benefit from a GFE.  Maybe you don’t feel ready to settle down with a real girlfriend yet.   You might be between relationships, or working hard on your career without the time and attention that a real girlfriend requires.  That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve pleasure, positive attention, seduction and intimacy. For some, a GFE can even be good practice for the real thing, helping you to develop your game, build confidence and learn more about how women think.  Then again, maybe you already have a real girlfriend, or a real wife, but you need a little GFE that’s just for you, lovingly focused on your feelings, your desires, your fantasies, your needs.

If you feel the Girlfriend Experience could help you, the next question is how to go about experiencing it.  You have several choices.  The most straightforward path would be to contract with an escort or mistress whose webpage says she provides GFE service.  Then again, escorts and mistresses aren’t for everybody, maybe not for most people.  Even if you don’t mind spending money on your GFE (a real girlfriend is always going to cost you something anyway—often much more!), there may be some very good reasons why you don’t want to actually go out and pay for a pro to give it to you “in the flesh.” This includes the risk of getting caught (especially if you’re married and/or running for office), the general stigma associated with prostitution which is still illegal in most locales, the danger of STDs, the inconvenience, the possibility of getting stuck with a real dud, a psycho or someone who is a lot less attractive than her photo, the danger of meeting someone in a strange place or letting them into your place, the high hourly rate, and the list goes on.

If you want all the pleasure and intimacy of The Girlfriend Experience without the headache of hiring an escort or mistress, you might consider picking up your phone and calling for a telephone sex therapy session with the Dr. Susan Block Institute.  We’re therapists—some of us with PhD’s, Master’s, nursing and other degrees—but we’re also some of the best girlfriends you’ll ever have.  We have some great guys here too, as well as transsexuals, but this page is about girlfriends, and we’ve got girlfriends of all ages who will talk with you, listen and help you with your problems, roleplay for you, share your fetishes and fantasies, come with you, commune with you, relax you, play with you and just generally give you the care and attention you need—body, mind and soul.

We do much of this over the phone.  But we can also chat with you via webcam, email or text—any of which can be as PG or X-rated as you like.  You can also visit us in person.  Yes, though TGFE might be a pure fantasy, we’re very real and down-to-earth and you can see that for yourself if and when you come to our center in LA.  But since we’re an international institute and most of our clients don’t live in LA, our most popular medium for TFGE is the telephone.  Why the telephone?  Because it’s so intimate, so very convenient, less expensive, and virtually pressure-free, allowing you to really relax and let your imagination go, sharing your thoughts, feelings, memories and fantasies with someone who can understand you. Whether you want to explore The Girlfriend Experience with us or discuss some of the pros and cons of doing it with one of our experts, you can give us a call right now or anytime that’s good for you.  Unlike most therapists—or girlfriends—we’re here for you whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Call 213.291.9497

The other side of the coin of the Girlfriend Experience is sometimes referred to as the “Porn Star Experience” (PSE).  You want PSE if you’re seeking a partner that’s more lusty than friendly for an experience that’s more physical than emotional, sizzling hot athletic sex in a variety of positions, dirty talk, large breasts, shaved genitalia, loud “performance” moaning and multiple orgasms.  We offer both the Porn Star Experience—with several real-life porn stars—via phone or webcam, as well as the Girlfriend Experience, and a whole lot more.  Call us now to find out more (no charge for information!): 213.291.9497.

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