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Sex Calls

How to Orgasm with Your Husband

with Dr. Susan Block

Internationally renowned sexologist and sex therapist Dr. Susan Block counsels “Lauren” about her “How to Orgasm with Your Husband” in this clip.

Questions answered include: Why is it that so many women can climax with ease through solo sex, but not via intercourse with their partners? How can you integrate masturbation into lovemaking? How do you stop worrying about what society or your parents might think of you masturbating? Why do we often hold our breath during sex? How does breathing deeply *into* your pelvis help you to experience orgasm? How do kegel or pubococcygeus (PC muscle) exercises help you to experience orgasm? Why is it easier for most women to experience orgasm from clitoral stimulation than vaginal penetration? Why is the clitoris called the “pearl of the oyster”?  What are “eargasms,” “toegasms,” and “nipplegasms”? Why is the clitoris involved in almost any female genital orgasm?

Other subjects of discussion include fear of losing control; being patient with yourself and taking the time that you need, masturbation embarrassment; sex as an art form, sex as a spiritual practice and sex as a team sport; “achieving” vs. experiencing orgasm; squeezing and releasing the pubococcygeus (kegel) muscles; why the idea that an orgasm from just penetration is somehow better than a clitoral orgasm just an “Old Husband’s Tale”; the importance of lubrication and cunnilingus for female orgasm;

“How to Orgasm with Your Husband” is a vintage clip from the “SEX CALLS” broadcast archives of The Dr. Susan Block Show (circa 1998). This is NOT a call with actual therapy clients; those are absolutely private and confidential. This is a caller on Dr. Block’s Saturday night live show. For more information, call us at 626.461.5950. For current shows and other events, visit us at

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#1BaeApril 27, 2023, 7:06 am

This call is filled with so much care for this woman. A poignant and human slice of life inside sexuality. What a confluence of forces lead her to you – societal views on masturbation, embarrassment, and parents. Fantastic suggestions and advice from you to help her and that I will use myself.

#2AdrianaApril 27, 2023, 7:16 pm

This is a valuable resource for a lot of us women who are struggling to orgasm with our partners in the bedroom! I think your advice was incredible, and I’d love to put it to use. I also do like your discussion of different positions and using masturbation to help get off! Wonderful! Oral sex is the way too!

#3Rich BigglyApril 27, 2023, 7:44 pm

This clip really transformed my perspective on how women enjoy sex. As always, you’re very sensitive to the caller and give astounding advice. I do agree that sex is a team sport and it should never been one-sided! It takes two to enjoy sex! This is a sport I’d love to be on the winning team.

#4Persia RaeApril 28, 2023, 9:47 am

Good going Dr. Susan. Always bringing such wisdom to those who need it. I liked it when you said “sex is a team sport. good to know .lol

#5Gideon GraysonApril 29, 2023, 9:02 am

Great call!

#6Deward EmersonApril 30, 2023, 3:41 am

This is a Must-See video for guys who genuinely want to please their female lovers. A woman who can only climax through masturbation calls Dr. Suzy and gets advice on how to bring her husband in on the festivities and improve their sex lives.Much more intimate and illuminating (and fun) than “She Comes First,” though addressing a similar need for sex education, especially with women. Brava.

#7Amy AmethystApril 30, 2023, 3:44 am

Haha, so funny and true – the idea of vaginal orgasms with no clitoral stimulation IS an “Old Husband’s Tale” – good one, Dr. Suzy! And superb call all around.

#8Truck Stop BurritoApril 30, 2023, 3:46 am

OMG if I had a husband or even a boyfriend, I’d find Your divine and informative guidance of this woman in need SO helpful. As it was I found it so incredibly hot I had to grab the lube and Hitachi and came twice watching You deliver the Good News to Your wifely supplicant.

#9Missy WildeApril 30, 2023, 3:47 am

I wish I’d watched this video when I was married because I had the exact same problem as Lauren (though my husband wasn’t as nice about it) – no problem climaxing via masturbation, but I never could with him. If only I knew all this, maybe I’d still be married

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